The winner of the “LOVE GROWS” necklace…..Amy Purdie

Well my first blog post is about competitions on my business Facebook page, there are Facebook rules which you must obey or your page could be taken down! Which is so sad if you’re addicted to facebook, and you are one of these people who rely on it for your sales.

After 4 years of being in business and working my ass off, for no wage, and building my fan base up, I have just learnt the hard way it doesn’t generate a lot of sales, you must be using other social media along with this platform, it is hard work and long hours, but please dont be a hermit like I am, my life is revolving around my business, I have no fun, I stopped going out with friends, I am so tired all the time, and learning everything from working my website out, to every piece of social media out there, learning SEO, I use to think what the hell is KEYWORDS, META TAGS, you you must learn these to succeed, and believe me I am dyslexic, have no qualifications, but I do see the light at the end of a very dark tunnel!

Anyhow, the title states The WINNER of the “LOVE GROWS” necklace, but this is me, I start with one thing and mumble about another, I will never change, its just the way I am haha. Just to say Congratulations Amy Purdie!

When Nicola Burt Skinner says I need a blog, I thought I have nothing to talk about!! Well I was wrong, I have a loads to say, instead of talking to myself most of the time, I will start and write it here in my blog, from Angels and the meaning of gemstones to the farm life I live, so expect photos of my work, and cows, sheep, lambs, pigs and horses haha. ooooooh and the love of my life the dogs!!

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